■April, 1998 The Sky Corporation opened in Nabari, Mie Prefecture
■March, 2000 Established limited company
■June, 2000 Established Kantou office
■June, 2001 Established Osaka office
■January, 2003 Head office changed from Nabari, Mie Prefecture to Osaka and registered
■September, 2005 Alliance with China Factory (Dongguan)
■September, 2005 Established Taiwan branch
■September, 2005 Established Tokyo branch (Nihonbashi)
■June, 2006 Entity Conversion of a Stock Company
■May, 2007 Established Nannou office (Gifu)
■October, 2008 Abolished the Tokyo branch
■September, 2009 Established Tokyo Office
■May, 2012 Moving the head office to 1-2-4,Minamishinmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
■October, 2012 Established Kyoto recycling plant and warehouses
■April, 2014 ISO9001・ISO14001 certified